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We have many areas and many ways in which you can serve and be plugged in to our growing family of faith.

The prayer ministry is designed to allow a deeper time of one-on-one intercessory prayer verbally with a brother or sister, by anonymous prayer card, or email. FBC Polo also has a prayer chain that alerts the church family to immediate needs both within the church body as well as community. Prayer is a vital ministry to the church! The prayer ministry is another tool our church uses to heal the broken, suffering heart. Hearts burdened—for the lost, or relationship difficulties, dealing with depression or anxiety—are thoroughly prayed for, expecting God’s personal intervention and miraculous response. Our prayer ministry is a safe place for people to share their deepest hurts, fears, or concerns. Through prayer we discern God’s will, direction, or are just reminded of God’s promises. Contact the church by phone for one-on-one prayer. Fill out an anonymous prayer card located at the back of the church. Or click below to send us your prayer requests by email



2Chronicles 5:13 in unison when the trumpeters and the singers were to make themselves heard with one voice to praise and to glorify the Lord, and when they lifted up their voice accompanied by trumpets and cymbals and instruments of music, and when they praised the Lord saying, “He indeed is good for His lovingkindness is everlasting."  Music is a staple here at FBC Polo, come join us for morning worship and you will experience a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary praises led by a full ensemble of instrumentalists and vocalists.

Sunday school


Our Sunday school time is 9:30 am til 10:15.

All ages are accommodated. From nursery to Senior Adults our classes vary from age to curriculum.

Community service


2Timothy 2:1 tells us to, "Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus." We believe God has put us here to make our community better; to be a leader in the development of people by sharing, showing, and shinning with the glorious gospel of God's amazing grace.

We desire for the people to Energize their life, Exercise  their faith, and Evangelize their world.



Welcome to the FBC Polo Youth Ministries, where exciting and great opportunities to live for Jesus Christ are presented!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out our Youth Ministry page.
One of the key markers of FBC Polo Youth Ministries is that we are a ministry that wants to not only see students come to know Jesus, but we want them to live a life that points to Him here in our community as well as around the world. We are not satisfied with slick productions or just seeing lots of students, we desire more.
Our desire (and God’s desire) is to see students GROW to a GREATER LEVEL of FAITH and KNOWLEDGE of the GOSPEL (good news)! This year we want to lead students to…  Grow to a Greater Level. God’s plan has always been that our faith would grow. Over and over throughout Scripture, there is the expectation that we would come to know God (salvation) and then would continue to know Him and His ways more and more. And yet, too often, so many Christ-followers, particularly youth, don’t seem to take spiritual growth seriously.
Part of Growing to a Greater Level is an understanding of our purpose as Christians. Simply put, we can’t embrace a new direction without knowing where we are heading. This is all about purpose grounded in the Gospel. Essentially, we are saved from our sins - reconciled to God - and have been called to be messengers to the world of this same reconciliation. That is living a life of purpose.
Live out a Greater Level of Growth
The reality is that we are not all leaders, but all of us have influence. Some have a ton of influence. Some only have influence over a few people but every one of us can use our influence to lead others closer to Christ. We want to challenge our students to understand that having a next-level faith is all about influencing the world around them. It’s the outflow of a closer relationship with God.  We want students to see their lives as opportunities to make a real difference for the sake of the Gospel.
We know this is a task that will ultimately last till Jesus returns, but we are asking you as family to please pray that this year, 2016, will be the year for all of us to GROW to a GREATER LEVEL for and in the name of Jesus Christ
We are currently underway with a Creation vs Evolution world view study.  What does the world say about evolution compared to what the Bible says about creation and who can be trusted as TRUTH.
Concluding the study we will be taking a trip to a museum to put into practice what we have learned.
We take part in multiple mission outreaches throughout the year; such as, feeding the homeless, shoe boxes for kids, along with community outreach in and around the town of Polo.
We look forward to meeting you.

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